Brand NaMo India is a enterprise evolved to support the 'Make In India' initiative, spearheaded by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi in Sep 2014; as part of a wider set of nation-building initiatives. Devised to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub. The primary objective of this initiative is to create manufacturing firms within India to create more job opportunities and enhance the skills of the people of India across different sectors of India.

Brand NaMo India aims to

  • • Follow, support & spread the ‘Make In India’ initiative
  • • Aide and help the struggling cottage industries of India.
  • • Pay tribute to the Freedom Fighters & Martyrs of India; by keeping their teachings alive through our print works, spread their inspirations and stories among the Indian youths of today.
  • • Increase the participation of women in workforce and awareness about hygiene & safety by Indian consumers.
  • • Change lifestyles and increasing demand for quality products are set to fuel the need for apparel.
  • • Raise the per capita income, higher disposable incomes, favourable demographics and shift in preference for Indian branded products.

The Idea Behind Brand NaMo India

NaMo India is committed to promote Indian goods. This Idea came into existence After The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi gave a speech in Delhi on 6th of Feb, 2013 regarding the concept of ‘Brand India’.


The core mission of NaMo india is to bring alive the spirit of Indian-ness in everything that we do or intend to do.


With the global design & innovation of ‘Branding India Globally’, the vision of Brand NaMO India is to promote dynamism, creativity and innovation in the fashion industry. It aims at creating an international consortium by creating saneness among the youth about global creative benchmarks and entrepreneurial attitudes; bring the creative thinkers and opinion makers to India and lead the momentum of change.

Be a game changer and bring greater recognition to the Indian industry; hence creating global brands from India.